Keep your immune system healthy all year round with this vitality blend of oils! How does it work? The chemical components are absorbed through your largest organ, the skin & into the bloodstream! (amazing, isn't it!) 


Howood is an immunostimulant which is why it's main ingredient in our blend. Not only does she smell heavenly but she supports + strengthens your health when used over time. 

Formulated with Lavender + Sandalwood to add inner unity, uplifted thoughts, balance within the body, spiritual healing + anxiety relief. In addition to oils, we have added amethyst stones to protect wearer from harm, transmute loving energy, alleviate saddness and encourage wisdom.


Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of: Howood*, Lavender*, Sandalwood, Amethyst stone, Sandalwood Bark


( Organic* )

Immune Support


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