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Dashing through the snow, in a 4 wheel closed door sleigh, praying I dont crash on my way...... to Starbucks for my Latte. Yeah, bummer! We know the feeling -- but you can enjoy the scent of a sweet + warm cinnamon, maple latte from the comfort of your home with our A Latte Reindeer Candle! Works great when you need to sacrifice the boujee for a regular ol' Folgers. (in fact trick your mind by lighting our candle when sipping on one!)


This unique blend of sox + beeswax (from our hives) is a slow burning candle made with #nontoxic fragrance.

Top Note: Grated Ginger, Nutmeg

Heart Note: Maple Syrup, Cinnamon Leaf 

Base Note: Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar

A Latte Reindeer Candle

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