At Honey Rose Botanicals

We work with Mother Nature's purest ingredients from seed to bottle with the intention of blossoming transformative results for your skin, heart + soul.  With the guidance and support of plants, we concoct simple, yet nourishing products for all of your holistic needs. 


It is our mission to create gentle, loving + magical creations for both you and the environment, therefore we practice mindfulness within all of our formulas. From the awareness of where our ingredients are sourced, to who is doing the labor, and how much plant material is being used in our creations, down to our sustainable + biodegradable packaging! We practice this mindfulness by organically & sustainably growing, foraging + sourcing our herbs which we then create into our intentional products!


" We may think we are nurturing our garden, but it is our garden nurturing us. "

-Jenny Uglow