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Rooted in Nature, Blossoming in You

despite the forecast, live like its spring

Sprout our seeds + Save the Bees

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2 for 1: Clean your skin with our truly natural soaps and plant the label to grow wildflowers for our Pollinators


wildly clean collection

Our SAVE THE BEES soap collection has become an HRB staple. Made with organic + sustainable ingredients; such as plants + clays, regenerative skin loving tallow, essential oils + wildflower seeded plantable labels - what's not to love!? If this collection has given you the buzz, we offer special discounts when sudsing up!

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what's currently brewing in the apothecary... (yes! our remedies are coming back real soon!)

Keep your immune system healthy with the change of seasons

Our Elderberry Elixir is a delicious immune modulating herbal remedy that helps fight off cold + flu like symptoms. Made with Organically Grown and Sustainably Harvested herbs and mushrooms formulated into a potent immune supporting ally for your family

wisdom for wellness


Pure and Honest: Our Commitment to Integrity

We take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients in our products. We believe that maintaining a connection with the plants we use is crucial and that it enhances the therapeutic benefits they provide.

Not only do we care deeply about the quality of our ingredients and believe it’s important to keep an intimate connection with each plant we use but we maintain this connection by working with suppliers who share our values, by organically growing the majority of botanicals in our garden, sustainably wild crafting bioregional plants, and tending to our hives which elevates and captures natures vitality; an essence which you can see, smell and feel within every use of our products. Our products are made fresh in small batches, full of vitality, ensuring each bottle is as effective as the next.

Meet the Maker

Hello! Im Andrea Rose, the Owner, Formulator, Beekeeper, Herbalist & Soap maker behind Honey Rose Botanicals. 

My story didn't start out this way, in fact I've had many lives before this. But nothing lit up my soul quite like returning + remembering nature. At a young age I found passion in nourishing my body which caused me to read the labels on ingredients of the food and products I was consuming. After I continuously learned more about the ingredients in my soaps, deodorants and lotions -- and the ever changing ingredients in the "natural" products I was using, I came to the realization that the only way to truly know what I was putting on my skin was to make them myself. After finding a real passion in the alchemy of skincare, I went on to learn aromatherapy - which is where I learned distillation and the sustainability issues of essential oils, the proper amounts to incorporate them for medicinal + therapeutic purposes, as well as the insane amount of plant material it requires to produce them. Thanks to this knowledge I took a pledge to only use the bare minimum amount of EO in our products and incorporate our very own distilled hydrosols every chance we can!

I then went on to herb school which taught me how to properly formulate synergistic remedies for internal and external consumption, plant + mushroom identification, the proper seasons to harvest specific parts of the plants for the utmost potency and a new way of communing with the land. This remembrance of life awakened a new found connection to my Ancestors, that continued my journey in Ireland to deepen my practice with the magic of the fae, plants & seaweed.

After many years of training in identification, I then went on to learn about medical astrology which instilled an ancient practice of alchemy into my creations. While our soap demand is too strong to concoct every batch aligned with the moon + stars, we ensure that our extracts infused into all of our products are!

But Bees--- I've always felt a deep connection to them, almost as if it were passed down in my ancestral lineage or from a past life - and once I knew they were calling me, we accepted each other with grace. I've become a steward of these magical beeings 4 years ago and my life, as well as my business has changed. I've found a deeper purpose within my life and as for HRB - We now harvest all of our own honey + beeswax incorporated into our products (which feels like a prophecy has been fulfilled.) and we tend to them organically, with so much love and gratitude for their services.

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