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We all have that one Aunt who can hardly eat the fruit cake, but she's still gifting you one! (No offense, Aunt Betty -- j/k idn'thave an aunt betty!) Well, its time you send your family a message -- with the fruit cake is out, but doesn't mean the smells goods has to bee!


We've got that unique blend of our very own beeswax with the perfect ratio blended with soywax + the #nontox fragrance makes this the PERFECT smell good, feel good vibe for your kitchen! Its so good, ya may not only prank your Aunt but your stomach too!

Top Note: Cranberries, Mulled Spices, Chrysanthemum

Heart Note: Fig, Apple, Cinnamon Bark,

Base: Birch, Warm Vanilla, Maple Syrup

At least it’s Not Fruit Cake Candle

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