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Earth, My body - a super sudsy bar that harnesses the energy of the earth, provides a sense of groundedness and offers cleansing not only to the body but to the root chakra too!


Wash out those sluggish areas of the mind and begin your day in a more practical & positive way.


Droplets of Patchouli are sure to cleanse off negative vibes, uplift your confidence and pull your head out of the clouds & into that motivational groove.


The woodsy aroma of Cypress helps to bring you a sense of stability, soothing stress and assists a tap root to your inner strength.


Earth signs are practical, stable and grounded. These people are very hardworking and value stability and security in all areas of their lives, These signs include Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn


Adorned with Red Jasper to inspire more passion & creativity within one’s life.


Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Grassfed Tallow, Organic Castor Oil, Essential Oils of Cypress, Cedar and Patchouli, Red Jasper Crystal

Earth Soap

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