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THERABEAUTIC bath bombs // Each made with a potent herbal infusion, special intention & purpose for every body!

• Pink - a hormone soothing beauty that helps to take that PMS edge off, allows time to slow down, soak & soothe cramps

• Green - a febrifuge herbal infused bomb that helps to sweat out fevers, offers better breathing by opening sinus & soothes the body of achy flu like symptoms

• Blue - soak in a strong herbal infusion of roots, barks & leaves that assists the body in immediate relief caused by trauma induced chronic/acute muscle & joint pain

(contains c🐝d)

• Purple - a mood soothing, muscle relaxing bomb that helps to melt the day away, soften the mind & drift your thoughts into dreams


$48.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
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