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New Moon in Aquarius

There can be no light without darkness.

The New Moon is a time for clearing away all that we no longer need to move forward with our goals. Weather that be negative thought patterns, habits that no longer serve us, or ridding the body of toxins. As the Moon goes dark, we use this time to plant seeds, set intentions, or make wishes for this next Moon Cycle.

The New Moon on Friday January 24, 2020 at 04°21′ Aquarius is square Uranus. This is a sign of unexpected changes, and an overall feeling of being ungrounded. Coming out of Capricorn Season, we may suddenly become aware of all the work we have left undone.

Fret not! Although these energies may be intense, Aquarius Season is always a great time to focus on stability and what creates a feeling of emotional equanimity within. It is a great time to find community, and work towards goals not only person to you, but goals that would benefit all humankind. Think outside the box. Be creative, embrace change. The questions to ask yourself this Friday could be:

* What work (physical, emotional, spiritual) have I not given myself a chance to finish?

* What is holding me back? Fear, anxiety, doubt, shame?

* What am I willing to part with of the above mentioned in order to continue walking the path meant for me?

* Write out what your life would look like if you let go of whatever it is that is holding you back. Use that as a guide for your intentions this Lunar Cycle.

Some ways we love to celebrate each New Moon are:

Writing down those things we wish to rid ourselves of, and burning them as a form of purification.

Creating a New Moon Herbal tea which you can either drink, or use in a ritual bath!

Some Herbal Allies we recommend for the Aquarius New Moon on Friday are:

* Turkey Tail :: Aides in regulated emotional impulses.

* Skullcap:: A Nervine tonic, perfect for relaxing the nervous system, lowering anxiety and stress within the body.

* Linden:: Another Nervine Tonic, working to relieve anxiety and stress within the Nervous System. Allows one to be more open to Community and like-minded goals.

* Elderberry- These powerhouse berries support the immune system during the cold winter months. We always add a bit to our ritual teas during this time as a form of self love, and self care.

Pull out that Tarot Deck or Book a reading with any of the many Tarot Readers out there. Many Tarot Readers provide Lunar Cycle Readings, which provide more clarity on what you should be focusing on this month.

Anointing a ritual candle with our Dark Moon Ritual Oil as you speak aloud your intentions for this next lunar cycle!

Drawing a ritual bath with a cup of your herbal tea, sprinkle in some salts, and some Dark Moon Ritual Oil. When you are done, stay in the tub as the water drains and imagine all that you wish to release going down the drain with the water.

Crystal Allies for the New Moon include:

Clear Quartz- to amplify any New Moon Ritual.

Moonstone - to clear away negative energies and foster a healthy self image.

Labradorite - to tap into the energies of the New Moon.

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