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Our Sol herbal cleanser is a very soothing blend that reduces inflammation and eases painful acne. In addition, the marshmallow root helps to replenish moisture to dry skin. 

Mix 1 teaspoon of cleansing powder with 1-2 drops of water and apply to face like a mask. Gently massage for about 60 seconds and rinse. 

If you’d like to use as a mask this may be applied for 20 minutes. Since our cleansers are water activated we highly recommend adding 1-2 drops of water and then add a tsp of raw honey for a skin reviving mask! 

Ingredients: Kaolin, Bentonite, Nettle, Turmeric, Yarrow, Marshmallow Root, Sea Buckthorn, Cucumber, Frankincense + Chamomile essential oils


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$7.80Sale Price
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