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Designed to soothe an irritated vulva — made with organically grown herbs and the highest quality cold pressed, unrefined organic oils to safely show your yoni some love. This delicate formula has been revised a bit to better soothe, strengthen and heal
Calendula is the key note in this formula - Allowing her gentle yet mighty constituents to ease itching, reduce inflammation and simply soothe an irritated vagina
Self heal is another magic worker in this remedy! Her medicine truly heal wounds. Her essence is so nurturing that I really wanted to bring that energy into deeply healing physical and emotional trauma •
Schizandra adds some powerful antioxidants to this yoni soother by increasing the flow of juices — making this a wonderful addition for women who need some help increasing their sexual Qi 
And of course we’ve added Yarrow flowers! Her medicine does wonders when needing to clear pelvic congestion. Plus, she is also antispasmodic which helps to reduce pain from cramping
This Yoni oil is designed to soothe and mend but is not intended to heal any infections or cure any diseases

Yoni Oil

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